What are alternative cuts for bbq?


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I've been thinking of trying something else besides brisket and pork butt. Besides ribs, has anyone successfully tried any other cuts not traditionally used for bbq?
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+1 chuck roll. My market likes to cut those 7 bone roasts like 3"+ thick. Those are good too. Beef ribs is a favorite. Smoked bone marrow could be used a bunch of ways after

On the pork side. Smoke some pork belly cured or uncured. Smoked sausages are always good.

I love duck but I have a vertical smoker that hangs meat so it seems appropriate to cook duck
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Try goat or lamb. You'd have to be careful with the goat since not very fatty, but slow cooked goat is delicious. I've often wondered why we don't consume more goat in this country.

Lamb could be amazing as well, but I imagine buying it would be pricey.

Honestly too, things like a whole salmon could be delicious and unexpected.
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Pork belly (cure it first).
Flat iron steak.
Whole chicken. Spatchcock it first. It goes faster..
Salmon - it goes very well with hickory.
Salt - smoke a variety of salts with different woods.
Cheese - cold smoke
Bone in roast beef.
Ham - apple wood
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Any slightly tougher cut ;), with a bit of a fat content
Pork or lamb/sheep neck
Pork leg (yes it works, done it several times)
Beef ribs or lamb or pork
Oxtail should work, although I haven't tried it (yet)
Whole chicken/turkey
Pig's hog
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Anything fatty. Some favorites are beef/veal shanks, ox tail, pork belly, beef tongue is amazing with cherry wood, whole birds (turkey, pheasant, game hens, etc), fatty fish like salmon, more exotic things like wild boar pecan smoked ribs.

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