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Toaster ovens - useful gadgets or just dust collection devices?

Sometimes I want to melt cheese on a single tortilla or deli bun, or reheat a single slice of pizza. Or maybe bake 2 biscuits to go with my dinner. It seems a waste to heat up a full size oven for such little jobs. So if I can actually free up some space to put it, would say, a modern, digital convection toaster oven be a worthwhile culinary tool?

What's currently on the market, any new advances in performance and features?

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For all the reasons you state, I’ve found them useful. Plus, they are inexpensive. The most useful (and probably most expensive) is the one we now have that has a convection fan.

What I don’t like is that the bottom and top of toast isn’t as even as with a traditional toaster, and when baking the bottom is prone to burning if food isn’t turned.

But in general, they are a useful tool for home cooking of small quantities.
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Agree with all the above - I used to have one but last year I bought a counter top halogen oven. It does everything a toaster oven does and more besides. Its brilliant for something where you want to melt cheese, or baking. In fact I've cooked a whole chicken in it. It heats up instantly as well and has a bigger capacity than most toaster ovens.

In fact, I now use the halogen oven more than the conventional oven. I really would recommend... looks like this. They are similar to air fryers but more versatile. Many of the dishes I post on the forum are cooked in it.

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We have a Breville mini and love it, use it daily. Less space taken up but big enough for us - if we need bigger we just use the regular oven. We don't have a microwave, so the toaster oven uses that real estate on the counter.
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I use a mini oven. I think it is just a bit bigger than a toaster oven.
It heats up fairly quickly and it's just big enough for making 1 loaf of bread in a cast iron pot, or a casserole.

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