Slow Food Challenge 2020

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I enjoy watching cooking competition shows. Currently watching season 8 of Masterchef. It gets pretty hectic as the clock winds down and the contestants have just seconds to go to finish up their presentations. Here, you won't have that problem. No need to worry about seconds, or minutes, or hours. Just days. In this case 149 days.

That may seem like a strange number, why not 150? Well, 149 days from today, July 3rd, is November 29th. That is the Sunday following Thanksgiving, an American holiday celebrating food. That weekend seemed like a logical ending point. It should give the brewers time to cook up, ferment and age that pumpkin stout they plan to serve with the Thanksgiving turkey. Give bakers plenty of time to get a sourdough going and thriving. Time to perfect your recipe for the perfect half or full sour kosher dill. Time to grind up that pork, get the Spanish chorizo or Italian salami into casings and let it hang, drying and fermenting as needed. Have you ever seen how many different cured sausages there are in Chinese cuisine? Or maybe you'd rather do a whole muscle cure, a bresola or coppa. A whole ham in just under 5 months might be pushing it. Bacon and pancetta, no problem.

It's up to you. Show us something that you can't do in the short term monthly challenges. Take us through the process and its progress. And have some fun!

Maybe if people respond well, it can be an annual thing, from January 1st to December 31st. That would give folks time to go from seed to produce on the plate. Imagine a simple bacon and eggs breakfast, with a slice of sourdough toast. Bacon that you cured and smoked, eggs that your hens laid that day, the hens you got as baby chicks in the spring.

Hard to say what will happen. It may take off. Look at the date of the first post in the "What did you have for dinner?" thread. Or it may be a total flop, a burst of initial activity and then no interest whatsoever.

We shall see just how much judging work there will be come Thanksgiving.

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I'm in.
Should soon be able to start brewing beer again.
I take it that shorter things are fine as well? Like my quick cider (takes about 2-3 weeks for fermentation and 2-3 for bottle conditioning?
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