How do you train new recipes with your brigade?

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How do you train new recipes with your brigade?

Do you cook together? Do you use a professional service or a learning management system of some kind?
Or you just send them new recipes by email?
I know that it depends much on the type of restaurant, but we have new recipes every day a with only 15 seats there is enough time to develop them and practice.
But how does that work in a large restaurant?
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Send out recipes via e-mail or text so they know what to expect upon arrival. You also work with your employees to train them.
If you are also referencing plating then taking a picture for visual of what you want is helpful also.
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I would cook it on my own first with the chefs around going step by step while they are taking notes then its their responsibility after that to make sure they payed attention, asked what they felt like they were lacking in, and ensuring they executed set recipe correctly by comparing with yours. The key to the training is why and how you do it. From their on you have people who can accurately follow your specs. Knowing why you do things is very vital for someone to follow through, it gives that person a better understanding of the chemistry being taken place in the kitchen.
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Standard procedure:

1) Make as many paper copies needed of the recipe, and have one master copy in a binder in the kitchen
2) inform staff at least 10 hrs in advance that you’ll be doing a demo
3) go over the recipie verbally first, ask staff if they understand each step
4) do the recipie in front of the staff, highlighting each step
5) ask any staff if they are comfortable with signing off on the master copy. By doing so they acknowledge that what was demonstrated is the “right way” of doing it, that they are capeable of executing this recipie, and that failure to do so may result in termination.
6) make yourself available for ten minutes on a given day for employee X or Y to cook the recipie in front of you. If satisfactory, get them to sign off on the master copy.

Emailing recipies out—for me, is about as useful and as productive as an ashtray on a Harley. It says you don’t give a sh*t, and that you are on your own. Have a master paper copy available in the kitchen where you are in control of it. Employees can take as many notes, ( electronic or paper) as many pics and videos of your demo as they want, but always have your master copy available to anyone at any time.
Remember you can’t control what employees have on their personal devices, but you can control what you expect of them
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