Confusing Piping Tips

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Hey folks - hope you're all good. I'm not exactly new to baking but as far as frosting goes I usually stick to the basic few piping nozzles. Recently, someone gifted me a set of piping nozzles. Most of them are simple enough but I'm really confused by some of them. Attaching pictures of them, can anyone tell me what they're for and what I can achieve by using them? Thanks a bunch.


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From the left, the first one can be used for shell borders, rosettes and drop flowers. The next one could be used for flower petals (like a chrysanthemum or dahlia or marigold style flower), The next one is a ruffle tip. I havent used the next two; the last one could also be used for a border or even a rounded basketweave. I've used it more for grassy type surfaces though.
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The fourth nozzle with the v shape is used for the saint-honore pastry. I have seen it as well to make round shapes all over a tart for example to make it look like a flower, but that takes much practice. One of my favourite.
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