Braised pork neck

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Hi all

Found this:

Which looks so good. Any good recipes to make that? I took to yt, and there are a lot of Braised pork shoulder, and some other stuff - but nothing that looks like that.

Any ideas will be appreciated :)
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You would have to source a joint like that from a whole animal butcher. It's not something I've ever seen in stores. The coppa muscle runs into the neck and there are only two on a pig so they are a high value added cut. They run from the front rib section, through the boston butt into the neck. As you can see below there isn't much neck on a pig. Another note is that @ordo is not from America. We see mass butchery differently than other countries where the emphasis is on quality vs quantity.

#4 is the Coppa muscle.
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There are tons of pork neck recipes out there. Some on YouTube but a ton other ones on Google. But you can also use any braised pork shoulder recipe (or pretty much any braise recipe period) for your pork neck.

There's really nothing that limits a specific recipe to a specific cut. It's all interchangeable.

My approach is generally to think of a country first, for inspiration, then I kinda just wing it. For example Mexican? Orange juice, bay leaf, sugar, garlic, dried oregano, onions, garlic, chilis.... or Vietnamese? Fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar, garlic, chilis... or French? Red wine, bay leaf, onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms... that kind of thing.
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