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    Finishing my Associates soon, stay for Bachelors?

    If you are financially comfortable and the extra 1.5 years doesn't really make a difference I would recommend getting the BA.? The reason being is it gives you options down the road.? You may think you want to work in a kitchen for the rest of your life, but then again you may get tired of it in...
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    Rice and Cabbage Riso E Verze

    This is a dish of rural origins. Country people, when talking about this dish, will tell you to pick out a beautiful, big cabbage because they want a big dish to satisfy a good appetite. My mother learned to make it from our maid Maria when we were living in Naples. It became a staple in...
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    Most Expensive Meal

    Ate at The French Laundry a couple years ago. My portion of the bill, FOR LUNCH, after tax and tip was $430.
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    Top 3 Questions

    I would add a #4. If $ is an issue, ask about grants. Most schools (other than community colleges) run $25,000 plus. Repaying a student loan at $10/hr is tough, and a reality. I was able to obtain a few grants that reduced the amount of $ I had to borrow.
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    Gravy with Brined drippings?

    I brine my turkey for thanksgiving, which makes for an incredibly moist bird, but the drippings lead to a too salty gravy. Anyone else encounter this? How did you remedy it? Thanks.
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    A clean 'shroom is a happy 'shroom

    In culinary school I had always heard the same thing, don't put your mushrooms in water. Then I heard the same thing when I quickly ran them under running water. NEVER, NEVER put them in water!! Then I was watching one of Master Chef Jacques Pepin TV shows and he was making a mushroom dish...
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    I need some advice...

    Johnson and Wales in Denver has a program for people with a bachelors. It's a year long because you don't take the academics, only cooking classes. Logan
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    Need some advice about culinary school, can anyone help?

    Now that I am in the process of paying off my loans I can say I would not advise loans. If you were in medical school, law school, etc., loans would be fine. You'd be making $60,000+ right outta school. When you are making $8-10/hr right outta culinary school, $20,000-35,000 in loans is tough...
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    What is better?

    Pastry is more of an exact science and if you think pastry is the way you want to go, I would get the pastry degree. You can always learn how to saute, grill, etc. on your own later. Personally, I think learning pastry is a little tougher. Just my 2 cents. Logan
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    gratuity included?

    My partner and I have a slightly different opinion on how this should be handled but we settled on only charging a gratuity when we have to hire people to pass. We charge $25/hr per passer with a 4 hour minimum + 18% gratuity. If we do not have passers we let the customer know tipping is...
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