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    Recommend a Thermometer for making Maple Candy?

    Since we're talking about thermometers, here's an oldie. My grandfather (born in 1905) was a butcher and this was his meat thermometer. It's an alcohol glass thermometer in a stainless steel steel case. I've never seen one like this, but maybe some of you pros have seen similar thermometers. I...
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    Shopping ...

    Great job! I really liked the content, how your approached the subject, and your presentation. Speaking as a a life-long video professional, I noticed some technical aspects, particularly in the editing, that could easily be improved. Some of the pans were too quick and some, too long. Editing...
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    Dry beans: facts, fables or fiction?

    I cook beans & chickpeas a lot, usually in a pressure cooking. I've used America's Test Kitchen, Kenji (Serious Eats) and Harold McGee for technical tips. I always soak in salted water. It cuts down on the cooking time, and the salt tenderizes the skin (technically, it breaks down the calcium...
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    Rice vinegar

    I don't put rice vinegar in the fridge, it's fine in the cupboard.
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    April 2020 Challenge - Inside the Box

    This should have been a popular challenge. I see lots of articles in online newspapers, even with ideas about using canned/prepared products. I'm surprised there were so few entries.
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    Oyster Sauce: Beyond condiment status?

    Great article! I confess that I don't use oyster sauce, though I think I'll give it a cautious try. Not because I'm afraid of fish sauce/oyster sauce or anything like that. It's my husband. When he was a boy, he was very sick red tide poisoning from self-caught oysters, and still gets queasy...
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    April 2020 Challenge - Inside the Box

    I'm not sure if this qualifies because I used a couple of frozen ingredients, but -- here goes: Wonton Soup Broth - Better Than Bouillon, frozen tonkotsu broth (leftover from the Ramen Challenge), Packaged shredded Kombu and Wakame. Packaged Pork/Shrimp Wontons - frozen Fresh - a lonely bok...
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    February 2020 Cooking Challenge - Ramen!

    Congrats!! @mike9 You made a beautiful riff on ramen! Well done!
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    February 2020 Cooking Challenge - Ramen!

    It's still February 29 here on the West Coast, so here's my Tonkatso ramen, based on Kenji's recipe on Serious Eats. We can get fresh ramen noodles here, but husband and daughter are GF, so I use medium rice sticks and made a couple of other small changes. Tonkotsu Broth - pig's feet sliced in...
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    Thanksgiving Cooking Challenge November 2019

    Don't you have Boxing Day in the US? I'm a Canadian - we have Thanksgiving in October, and also Boxing Day. What do Americans do on Dec. 26, if not figure out what to do with all those leftovers?
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    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    That would have been good, but halibut is so rich and silky, we just had it as-is. Plus... we were hungry!
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    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    I should have looked at the halibut before asking you all for ideas. Turns out, I had two lovely halibut collars, including the cheeks. I put one of the salted & oiled collars under the broiler and we devoured it. Delish! I made a sauce of ponzu, green onion and some rice wine but the...
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    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    Great ideas! Thank you! I'll poach some and use the poaching liquid as a broth for fish pi or stew and as a sauce for the poached pieces. I love the idea of patties/quenelles. I do that with salmon trim, but I don't cut up halibut so it didn't come to mind. I'll pan fry a couple of pieces...
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    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    I picked up a bag of fresh halibut pieces for $12. at the local (good) fish counter. Halibut's in season and on sale right now for about $4/100 grams and this is a 4 pound (1.8 kilo) bag, so it's a good deal. Any ideas about what to do with it? I thought about fish pie for some of it and...
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    Cancer patient nutrition

    My husband was in the hospital recently for colon cancer surgery. I kept all his 'menu' sheets to help give me an idea about what to feed him when he came home. We never did get to meet with a dietician, so I used google, his menus, and how he felt as guidelines. I try to make everything taste...
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