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    Looking for a Chefs Knife

    Do you have any experience using knives? From your request I gather not, so I am wondering why you want to jump in with an expensive knife. Personally I would suggest going to a store where you can handle some different knives and see what you feel comfortable with. I personally vote for the...
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    List of the best cook books.

    All I could add would be to look for older versions of Joy of Cooking maybe 1960's era.
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    Recomendations for fine dining cookbooks for South American, Indian, South East Asia and Mexican kit

    For Asian cooking I like anything by Corinne Trang or Andrea Nguyen
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    Books for home cook

    Look up "The Saucier's Apprentice" by Raymond Sokolov It is a small book with a lot of information on sauces.
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    Choosing First Gyuto

    Ravecage as you can see in this short thread there are as many varying opinions on the subject of knives as there are styles and manufacturers. Usually for beginning cooks I recommend starting with a couple of quality but inexpensive stamped knives like Victorinox Fibrox or Dexter/Russells as...
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    Books for home cook

    Maybe you should look to some chef biographies or 'The Making of a Chef' by Michael Ruhlman is an interesting read.
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    The recipes in Larousse Gastronomique

    I like Larousse as a resource of kind of neat ideas plus it looks impressive on the book shelf. Personally I have always liked Jacques Pepin's books especially La Technique but then I remember watching Julia Child when she was first on the air, not re-runs. If you want to get some cookbooks then...
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    Choosing First Gyuto

    One thing that is important is how the knife feels in your hand. If possible go to a store where you can heft the different knives and learn what the handles feel like. I understand that this isn't always possible but it will give you a good starting point. Also think about taking a basic knife...
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    Greetings from outside of Detroit

    I am new to this site but it seems like an old site I lost track of. Did this use to go by Chef2Chef? I was a member then but life took over and I now want to get back to my favorite hobby. I was a line cook for several years when the pay was abysmal and before there was Food TV or even cable...
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